On June 5th 2004,
I traveled to the town of Annecy for the
International Animation Festival that takes place there
every year. I am now in love! Annecy now holds a very special
place in my heart, and I will return as often as possible.
Here are some of my favorite photos from the festival
and around and about the town of Annecy, which is located in East
Central France, just 45 kilometres from Geneva in Switzerland.
I hope you can feel the love and magic through these photos

(I have forgotten some people's names! If you see your self
in one of these photos, without a name, please drop me an email
and let me know OK? I want to honor everyone here.....)
love to you all!

The Town

The River

The Lake

The People

The 'American' Bar

The Stuttgart Party

The Dreamworks Party

The Awards Ceremony

The Big Finale Party

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