The Awards Ceremony

On the final night of the festival,
the awards are given out at the Theatre Bonlieu

Annecy Cristal prize winner Mike Gabriel, (in striped shirt)
director of Walt Disney short film 'Lorenzo'

Andrew and Adam with Heidi and Anja,
winners of the International Labour Organization Award
for their student film 'No Limits'

Baek-yeop Sung, director of 'Oseam', winner of the
Cristal Award for Best Feature Film

Grand prize winner Mike Gabriel,
director of Walt Disney short 'Lorenzo'

Chris Landreth, winner of the Special Jury Award for his short film 'Ryan'
with the director of the festival, Tiziana Loschi,
and the artistic director, Serge Bromberg

Animation Magazine's Rita Street with Chris Landreth and Tiziana Loschi

With Rita and Jean in the lobby after the awards ceremony

With my dear new friend Hisco, director of 'Seventeen'
(not an award winner but should have been!)

Hisco and Rita

Heidi Wittlinger and Anja Perl, WINNERS!!

Chris Landreth

Franck Dion, winner of the Canal 'J' Junior Jury Short Film Award
for his short stop motion film 'L'inventaire Fantome'

Arthur des Pins, winner of the Audience Award for his short film,
'The Crab Revolution'

Ginger Gibbons, winner of the Award for Best TV Special, for his film 'Bosom Pals, Joan's Birthday'

Me and Tiziana Loschi, managing director of the festival

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