A few years ago I bought an Ikelite housing
for my Canon G-1 digital camera, and started taking
underwater photos whenever possible.

The Caribbean has some utterly incredible diving!
Colourful and teaming with life, I've seen something new
every single time I've gone on a dive. The variety is infinite.
I took thousands of photos diving in
the Caribbean, in Antigua, Guadeloupe, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
These are some of my favorites.

Corals, sponges and colour....

An enourmous barrel sponge

Colours, sponges and coral.

A bustling reef

A fleeing octopus, with only his eye in focus
as I panned the camera quickly to try and catch him

A Stoplight Parrot Fish

Another Parrot Fish

I love the reef squid, with their intelligent, inquisitive eyes!

A whole 'gang' of reef squid

coral galore

A beautiful anemone

Sponge tubes

Incredibly coloured sponge

Exquisite sea fans!

An eerie blue sponge

Another outstanding anemone

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