Favourite photos from our trip to ComiCon in San Diego
July, 2004. The world's biggest comic and popular art convention!

Christophe with a spunky Tank Girl look alike...

Looking up at a Star Wars display

Photographing photographers

Christophe and his favourite artist, Brom

The lengendary Ray Bradbury

Typical ComiCon attendees!


Christophe gives me 'the look' on the convention floor at ComiCon

Michel Gagne, tirelessly signing (and selling!) books

Young comiconers check out their booty

ComiCon Babes

ComiCon costumes are amazing!

An exquisite metal 'Alien' sculpture

Death Rider

Kool Kidz

A sculpture by master artist, Giger


Only at the ComiCon, what a zoo!

Winged Babe

An enormous inflatable robot outside the convention center
(not the Iron Giant!)

Only at ComiCon!

A red haired creature from another galaxy

Me and Christophe face off outside the convention center

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