Taiwanese Festival

Simple but very NOISY fireworks were being lit in the streets!

People perched anywhere they could for a better view.

Uniformed men praying with there incence sticks.

Incredibly ornate and brightly lit floats carried elaborately
costumed and made up children through the streets.

Another perch for onlookers.

Fallout from fireworks looking like snow.

Mohammed reacts to a sudden explosion of firecrackers

The makeup on the children was outstanding! They sat on lofty
perches, throwing candies at the crowds as they floated by.

Lights, costumes and makeup combined to create quite a surreal effect!

Some children seemed to spot me in the crowd and stare me down...
Geee, I wonder why?

Smiles and stares for the strange looking westerner!

Quite the 'look'!

Another child stares me down and actually was trying to hit me with her candies!

Another one gives me, a 'look'.

and another....

The theatrical quality of the float's 'sets' was amazing!

Mohammed poses in front of a float. The heat emanating
off of them was incredible.

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