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      164 pound yellowfin tuna, Kauai, August 2002

      30 pound wahoo
      and 150 pound bigeye tuna
      Kauai, July, 2002

      Enormous Bull Redfish
      Indian River Lagoon, August 15, 2001

      My very first sailfish!
      Caught offshore New Smyrna

      30 pound Amberjack
      Caught offshore Daytona Beach

      After a hard day of bottom fishing, mostly Amberjack,
      35 miles offshore of Daytona Beach

      After fishing hard all night
      I finally landed this fine 30 pound + snook!

      A really pretty Coho Salmon
      Fishing the Georgia Straight with Dad

      My very first dolphin (Mahi Mahi)!
      A nice 36 pounder caught off of Cape Canaveral

      A fine pair of snook caught right off the rocks
      at Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral.

      I never landed this fish, it was an enormous Tarpon,
      well over 100 pounds, that I fought for almost 2 hours!
      The fish got off the hook next to the boat, after outrunning
      a bull shark that tried to eat it!!

      I spent many wonderful days fishing in the surf
      at Cape Canaveral National Seashore,
      usually filling my cooler with fresh whiting,
      very tasty fish!!

      45 inch red drum, Indian River, Florida
      (released unharmed)

      10 pound Northern Pike, Loch Derg, Ireland
      (Caught by Michele)
      (released unharmed)

      6.5 pound largemouth bass, Winderlakes, Florida
      (released unharmed)

      3.5 pound largemouth bass, Winderlakes, Florida
      (released unharmed)

      A nice little string of salmon! Comox, British Columbia

      A beautiful 28 pound chinook salmon, Comox, British Columbia

      36 inch Snook (approx. 18 pounds) Tampa Bay, Florida
      (released unharmed)

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