Once upon a time,
I traveled to the island of Kauai to do some research
for a movie that I was working on, and before I knew it
I was in love! Kauai now holds the most special
place in my heart, and I return as often as possible.
Here are some of my favorite photos of Kauau
I hope you can feel the magic through these photos

click here for map of Kauai

Hanalei Bay from the pier

Hanalei Bay from the Princeville Hotel

Tunnels Beach, AMAZING snorkeling

On the banks of the Hanalei River

A Taro patch just outside Hanalei

A serene horse scene just outside Hanalei

Hanalei Bay from out in the water

The beauty of Kauai's north shore

A simple plant by a stream

A wildflower deep in the rainforest

The plants and the mountains are out of this world!

Hanalei River

Hanalei River

The Napali Coast, North Shore of Kauai

Hanalei River

Napali Coast from one mile out

Kauai dreamin'

My sons Christophe and Jeremie in Kauai

A small river under a bridge near Kilauea

Local children surf with the greatest of ease

Burning harvested sugar cane fields in the sunrise
West coast of Kauai near Port Allen

Local children surfing, Hanalei Bay

Waimea Canyon

Lance's secret Bosai lover's spot!

Deep in the Kauai rainforest

Waimea Canyon

Me and the Napali Coast

Ahhh yes, Hawaii!

Wildflower deep in the Kauai rainforest

Colourful sights near Hanapepe, West coast Kauai

Ahhh yes, Hawaii!

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