My Guitar Collection

My basic blue Stratocaster
a 1971 maple neck on a 1990 body
with a pearl pickguard and standard strat pickups

My custom handmade Stratocaster 'Ziggy'
a Warmoth replica bird's eye maple'64 strat neck
with a bird's eye maple body by my brother John
and a flaming maple pickguard
and standard single coil strat pickups

1990 Pink Paisley Telecaster
my main gigging guitar
I bought it for fun and
it became my favorite electric guitar

Flaming Maple Les Paul Standard

A very unusual hollow body Yamaha electric
I don't know much about it....
Bought it in Morin Heights , Quebec, for $100

Hartke 5 string bass

Ibanez nylon string acoustic-electric cutaway

Yamaha acoustic-electric cutaway
man made composite back (a la 'Ovation')

Yamaha acoustic cutaway

My pride and joy
2002 Taylor 814CE
a hand made work of art
and an absolute joy to play

The whole damn family........

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