Here is an interesting collection of photos of me,
taken through the years....

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With my birds Yin and Yang in Florida 2002

A photo taken in Antigua
superimposed over the Guadeloupe rainforest

Kissing a dolphin at Discovery cove, Florida

In Montreal, 1981

In Montreal, at Darwin's Bar, 1980

In drag with friends in Morin Heights

With my new Taylor guitar, Florida 2003

Modelling session in Old Montreal, 1984

My last walk in Florida before moving back to Vancouver

On the roof at 5151 St. Laurent, Montreal 1983

In Montreal, 1982

In Vancouver, December 30th, 2003

High School Grad with Nora Scott, 1974

In an alley in Montreal in the 80's

With Steve Roberge, 1976

Laughing it up with Johanne Morin, 1975

With Lucy Belec at the National Fim Board in Montreal, 1984

With Retta Davidson, Andy Gryn, and Marika Schwartz

Getting my kicks in Montreal, 1983

In another alley in Montreal in the 80's

With my dogs, Sam and Lady, in 1970. I was bed ridden with
a fractured pelvis at the time, my Dad would help me into the chair.

Photo booth with J.C. mid 80's

With Chantale Cloutier in Morin Heights

A quiet moment with Joseph....

In Prince Edward Island, 1987

Grade 7 Class photo, me with the red dot on my lapel

Crawling out of the Caribbean. Tulum, Mexico, 1990

Looking at my hand through the magic....

Montreal, 1982

Montreal, 1983, with Sylvie.

In my town of birth, Ely, England, 1991

Runway model with Mai's designs , Montreal, 1984

At Walt Disney Feature Animation 2000

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