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I've had five motorcycles since 1994,
when I moved from Ireland to Florida,
and was bitten (once again) by the motorcycle bug.

At one point I had three, my first 1997 Honda Valkyrie
a 1974 T-150 Triumph Trident AND a 2002 Yamaha FZ-1
Nowadays, one at a time is enough!!

I SOLD my second 1997 Valkyrie
which I bought shortly after selling the first one.
(to cover some travel expenses)
(What was I thinking?)
I bought my third 1997 Valkyrie last December
Finally here are some pictures of it....

I am currently living in Vancouver Canada
and though the weather is a little rougher than it was Florida
This is the most beautiful biking country I have ever seen!

The pictures at the link below are from my August 2003 vacation
riding through the B.C. interior
as well as my trip in August 2004 from Vancouver
to Colorado and back!

(go to) Rocky Mountain biking
through the B.C. interior

(go to) My Valkyrie Tour
to Eldora Colorado and back!

On Main Street in Keremeos 2007 Soberider's Pigroast

With Marilyn and Marc, Vancouver Island April 2008

My third 1997 Honda Valkyrie

My third 1997 Honda Valkyrie on a ride to San Francisco

My third 1997 Honda Valkyrie on a ride to San Francisco

My third 1997 Honda Valkyrie on the ride back from San Francisco

My third 1997 Honda Valkyrie on the ride back from San Francisco

My second 1997 Honda Valkyrie
Burnout at Daytona

The burnout continues!

Who dunnit?
Was it Bourn?

The '97 Honda Valkyrie F6 is STILL the
undisputed King of cruiser motorcycles.
(As far as I'm concerned)
The Honda VTX and The Harley V-Rod
still can't hold a candle to it!!
Its 6 cylinder 1520cc flat six motor
produces an obscene amount of horsepower and torque
and for a bike of its size ( 700 lbs.) its handling is
second to none. The Valkyrie is stable in tight
cornering situations, and can stop on a dime with
its remarkably strong dual disc front brakes and
single rear disc.
While my Valkyrie is mostly stock, I do have a set of
Cobra six into six headers with the baffles taken out.
The resulting roar sounds something like a latter day
Formula 1 Ferrari, striking terror into the
hearts of Harley riders as it flies by at 120 mph+!

One sunny afternoon with my friend Jeff Dutton
accompanying me on his awesome Yamaha R-1
we clocked the Valkyrie at 137 mph!
No small feat for a motorcycle of this size,
and it still had a little ways to go before topping out!
(and they said it couldn't be done!)

Beautiful Alex on my '97 Valkyrie

My second '97 Valkyrie the day I bought it

My short lived Yamaha FZ-1
Only put 6,000 miles on it
got her up to 164 mph once...GREAT bike!

My first Valkyrie, also a 1997
with the beautiful 'Bumblebee' paint scheme

The Bumblebee in all its glory!

Hangin' out at Steak & Shake with the Valk

My Gorgeous 1974 Triumph T-150 Trident
(recently sold)

This is the bike I almost died on
Got creamed by a young lady who
was temporarily blind
and turned right into me
Lucky to be alive today!!
The bike was rebuilt since the accident,
back to its pristine beauty....

(my left arm will never be the same)

The Valkyrie and my old Nissan Frontier
I had the 'yellow' thing going on!

Jeff Dutton and his '98 Yamaha R-1

Christophe's 1969 Raleigh Chopper!

My 2003 Electra Rat Rod

The Valkyrie of my dreams........

Priscilla going fast standing still on the 'Chopper'

Ian's beautiful old Beemer...

Here's my riding buddies Chrissy and Bobby from back in Orlando

Here's my riding buddies from back in Orlando
The 'Harley Davidson' set...

More riding buddies from back in Orlando
The 'sport bike' set....
Taking a break at 'Bike Week' in Daytone 2001

Back in Florida I used to ride my Valkyrie
with the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club...
Armies of Valkyries would gather in one place, it was a blast!
(try and spot my yellow '97 valk)

This is Frank's Harley, a wonderful fella
from New Zealand, who I met in Nelson
whilst my bike awaited repairs.
Frank handbuilt this thing,
with Suzuki GSXR front and rear wheels and brakes
handmade speedo, headers, seat, bags, fenders,
and much, much more!
A totally wickedly cool bike!
Kudos to you Frank, if you read this!

Frank's bike....

Frank's bike....

Check out the seat on this hog...
Yup, them's nails stickin' out!
and he rides it that way!!

Trying out the gnarly (naily) seat...ouch!

Badassed Hog

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