Mountain Motorcycle Page

This is the most beautiful biking country I have ever seen!

These pictures are from my August 2003 vacation
riding through the B.C. interior with Beth and Daniel.
It was WONDERFUL, even though I did
get a flat tire which laid me up for a couple of days...
at least I got to try out Beth's kick ass Sportster,
which is bored out to 1200 CC's..(thanks Beth!)

Here's my friend Beth Davis with her hotrod Sportster
Doing her impression of Buzz Lightyear

Beth's bike, Daniel's bike, and my bike.

Me, pulling over, having just gotten a big screw in my rear tire!

What do you do when your bike
gets a flat tire and you are stranded in the boonies?
Why, take pictures of yourself of course!!

CAA to the rescue (thanks to Daniel)
The towtruck guy puts a plug in it....

Oh, the remoteness of it all....

Once in town, the plug pops out of the tire!
Stranded again, this time in civilization

Break for coffee...

A lovely shot of Daniel and Beth

The masked avenger, Daniel, preparing for bad weather.

Me and my Valk at the Earl's Cove ferry terminal,
Sunshine Coast of B.C.

Joe and Beth

Mountain Bikes

Me and Daniel, safely back in Vancouver.
Whew! What a trip!

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