My Music Pix

Lots of photos here from through the years of my musical life,
I will be adding lots more specific links as time goes on.

Last Gig at Cafe Guenevere in Orlando

My Guitar Collection

A poster advertising my last Orlando Florida gig
at the Cafe Guenevere in December of 2002

Playing Michaele Edwards beautiful Tricone Resonator Guitar

Rehearsing with the Orlando band 'MB-2'

Jammin' with MB-2

Jammin' with MB-2

Thanksgiving in Orlando, Madison singing with me.

With Bob Olivier at his recording studio in Montreal,
recording 'J.C's Rainbow' back in 2001

Playing my Taylor at Crystal's house in Orlando,
Christmas Eve, 2002

With my custom Strat 'Ziggy'

Poster for gig with Aaron Blaise.

J.C. and Bob G.

The Legendary Stephen Barry Blues Band
playing a benefit gig in Morin Heights, 2001

Me and the band Darkhorse, (Franky Reardon, James Monker, John Horrocks and me)
at a Halloween gig, back in '77

Me in a wicked sweat,
at the wrap party gig for the original

Me and the band Darkhorse,
at the wrap party of the original

Me and Don Morrell's '67 Caddy Coupe de Ville

Hamming it up for the camera
at 5151 St. Lawrence Blvd, Montreal, 1983

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