Lisbon (Lisboa) Portugal's Capitol City

The city of Lisbon (Lisboa) has a charm and warmth of character
that is incredibly welcoming. In the older sections of the city, time truly stands still!

A small Portugese boy eyes me suspiciously.

Steep streets and alleyways in the older section of the city.

Three generations of Portugese family at home in their storefront.

The southern skyline of Lisboa, looking East.

Portugese Woman.

A Lisboa Streetcar.

A typical little Lisbon restaurant.

Palatial Splendor in Lisboa.

A typically worn old apartment building in the oldest part of Lisboa.

This gorgeous dog caught my eye. I love this photo!

The old weathered buildings have so much charm!

Quaint alleyways criss-cross everywhere.

A local in the oldest part of Lisboa

Well kept apartment doors in the old town.

Gourgeous old buildings, decrepit, yet well maintained.

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