Photos from the Puntledge River
near Courtenay, on Vancouver Island in B.C.

Here is a collection of photographs taken
along the banks of the Puntledge River in April of 2004.
This beautiful river runs down from the Forbidden Plateau
glacier, and meets the ocean in Courtenay, on beautiful
Vancouver Island. Some stretches run over soft limestone
where the river carves incredible shapes, including perfectly circular
bowls, into the stone. Thousands of Salmon run up the river each year
and fish ladders have been built to help facilitate the Salmon's arduous journey.
This is one of my favourite spots on the planet!

Perfect round bowls are carved into the soft limestone by the
river's current stirring smallers stones around and around.
It is hard to believe they are not man-made!

Beautiful stone carvings 'au naturel'.

I can look at these shapes for hours, they are so beautiful.

These intriguing round holes vary in size from cup sized, to swimming pool sized!

Take limestone, add water and a few million years, and presto, fantastic sculpture!

Incredible combinations of overlapping shapes...

More incredible combinations of shapes...

And more.....

A series of limestone terraces slope gently downward,
creating a paradise for summer bathers and sun worshippers.

Perhaps you can see why this is one of my favourite places in the world?

A perfectly natural jacuzzi!

So early in the spring, you can have this place to yourself. (but the water is like ice!)
By midsummer, it can get a lot more crowded, and the water is much warmer.

The perfect round holes never cease to amaze me....

Sections of the river form wild water falls. This spot is called 'Stokum Falls'

Stokum Falls

Stokum Falls

More magical holes....

One of the fish ladders....steps built out of cement which help the salmon
climb upriver to mate, without injuring themselves, so that more will survive,
in an attempt to counteract the effects of overfishing the salmon commercially.

Stokum Falls

Stokum Falls

Stokum Falls

Stokum Falls

More holes?

In my favourite place!

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