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Currently I am working on the final manuscript of an illustrated book
about special effects animation entitled ‘Elemental Magic’. Four
years in the making, the book has been picked up by a major
international publisher, and will be in book stores this year.
The book is extremely detailed and contains
over 600 original illustrations.

Author of the on-going bi-monthly column
“The Animated Scene” for Animation World Network Magazine.

November 2007 to present

Bardel Entertainment

Director of Visual Effects

May 2006 to November 2007

Bardel Entertainment, 4Kids

Director of Visual Effects
Television series 'Chaotic'

-September 2003 to May 2006

Vancouver Film School

Head of Classical Animation
and Digital Character Animation (Maya)

-June 2003 to September 2003


Superivisor of Visual Effects for
'Sinbad' DVD special features film..

-Januray 2003 to September 2003

Bardel Animation Silverwing Productions

Supervisor/Designer of Visual Effects
Television series 'Silverwing'

-December 2001 to November 2002

Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida

Supervisor of Visual Effects on the feature 'BROTHER BEAR'
for first six months, then Visual Effects Animator on the same show.
As supervisor I worked on developing 3D EFX techniques using Maya Paint EFX
and Maya Particles, as well as designing a 2D EFX look for the show.

-December1999 to December 2001

Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida

Supervisor of Visual Effects for feature film 'Lilo & Stitch'
I was responsible for designing all 2D and 3D EFX,
developing 2D and 3D techniques on a fixed budget,
calculating the man-hours needed to complete the work.
and supervising all 2D and 3D EFX artists.
Worked closely with the Directors throughout the workbook stages,
determining how to best bring their story to the screen.
Also worked very closely with the Artistic Coordinator
and Art Director to determine and finalize the best final
compositing techniques for each scene in the film.

-September 1994 to November1999

Walt Disney Feature Animation, Florida

Head of Florida Special Effects Unit, 'Kingdom of the Sun'
under supervisor Mauro Maressa,

Head of Florida Special Effects Unit, 'Tarzan'

Special Effects Animator on Feature Films,
'Pocahontas', 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame',
'James and the Giant Peach', 'Hercules' and 'Mulan'.

-September 1994 to November1999 (cont'd)

Walt Disney Feature Animation, Florida, Animation Services

Character Animation, Clean-up and In-between Supervisor,
Directing Special Effects Animator
Special Effects Supervisor on 'The Circle of Life',
'Tinkerbells Light Magic', Tokyo Disneyland,
and 'Wonderful World of Disney' opening credits.

Trained extensively on Alias/Wavefront, as
well as Disney's CAPS compositing software,
Morphtool, and PSTOOL
(Disney proprietary particle system) software.


Don Bluth Animation, Ireland

Directing Special Effects Animator,
Feature Films, 'A Troll in Central Park', 'Thumbelina',
and 'The Pebble and the Penguin'.


Don Bluth Animation Studios, Burbank

Directing Special Effects Animator,
Feature Films, 'Rock a Doodle', and 'A Troll in Central Park'.
Special Projects, MCA Hanna Barbara,
and Landmark, The Princess.


Spumco Animation, Hollywood

Special Effects Director
Pilot Show, 'Ren and Stimpy'
Director, John Kricfalusi


Bardel-Shamu Productions, Vancouver

Special Effects Supervisor, Directing Animator
1/2 Hour Television Special for Sea World
'Shamu, The Beginning'
Director, Al Lowenheim


Nelvana Productions (Vancouver)

Special Effects Animator
Feature Film, 'The Adventures of Babar'
Director, Gordon Stanfield


Lion's Den Productions, La Jolla

Special Effects Animator
Wizard Productions Promotional Film
Director, Al Lowenheim

-Fall 1985 to Spring 1988

Les Productions Pascal Blais, Montreal

In house Director, Animator, Storyboard and Layout,
Special Effects Director
Television Commercials and Live Action Feature Films
Was involved in all stages of production from
concept and development to final
video transfer.
Clients include: General Motors, Coca Cola, Honda, Macdonald�s,
Gillette, Players Tobacco, Larrouse Dictionaries, Radio Quebec.
Special Effects Animator on Feature Films, 'The Great Land of Small',
and 'The Peanut Butter Solution'.

-Spring 1987

Live Action Feature Production
Story Board Editor
Feature Film, 'Nowhere to Hide'
Director, Mario Azzopardi


National Film Board of Canada

Character Animation and Special Effects Animation
Short Film 'Diploma Dilemma' Director, George Geertsen

Short Film, 'Paradise' (Academy Award Nominee)
Director, Ishu Patel


Freelance with Director Wayne Kimbell
(Former Robert Abel Director)
Television Commercials, Station I.D.'s,
Promos and Documentaries.
Clients include: Air Canada, Molson, Yoplait,
Canadian Imperial Bank, Bombardier, Hydro Quebec
Special Effects Director for Documentary Series, 'The Brain'


Pascal Blais Productions

Special Effects Animator
Trailer for Feature Film, 'The Black Incal'
Director, Pascal Blais


L'Umino City, Montreal

Director, Animation and Special Effects
Title Sequence for Documentary,
'Quarante Ans Pour Oblier'
Television Commercial Series, Sports Experts


Les Productions La Choette, Montreal

Special Effects Animator
Documentary, 'Les Forges De St. Maurice'


Animabec, Montreal

Director, Animator, Special Effects
Television Commercials and Promotions
Clients include: Montreal Jazz Festival, Molson,
I.G.A., Radio Quebec


Heavy Metal Productions, Montreal

Story Boards, Animation and Special Effects Animation
Feature Film, 'Heavy Metal, The Movie'
Directors, Gerry Potterton, John Bruno

Heavy Metal Productions, Montreal

Special Effects Animator
Promotional Film for Journey's Escape Album
Director, Wayne Kimbell


Mike Mills Productions, Montreal

Key Character Assistant and Color Rendering
for Television Commercials


National Film Board of Canada

Character Animation and Rendering
Short Film, 'Illusions'
Director, Michel Hebert

Animation, Titles, Special Effects and Color Rendering
1/2 Hour Television Special, This is Me
Director, Ron Tunis


Disada Productions

Character Design, Ink and Paint, Final Check
Television Commercials
Director, Peter Adamakos


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, School of Art & Design

Studied Animation for 2 years,
completed 2 student films..
Began working professionally
before completing 3rd year.

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