Favourite photos from my Valkyrie road trip
August, 2004

A truly remote gas station in Hootersville, Nevada

The Valkyrie, with incredible sand dune in Nevada
The tiny white shapes in front of the dunes are large buildings.....
just to give you an idea of the scale!

The Valkyrie, in the middle of nowhere!

I would pull off onto dirt sideroads, just to absorb the emptiness.

Amazing slabs of rock in Wyoming

The American Outback, Nevada

Fantastic formations in Utah!

Waterfalls in Eldora, Colorado

Flowers in Eldora, Colorado

An abandoned truck full of bullet holes in Eldora, Colorado

The high country, up the road from Eldora, Colorado

The Valkyrie on a dry lake bed in Nevada

Waterfall in Eldora

Crater Lake, Oregon

A closer shot of the huge sand dune. You can make out the houses better in this one!

I came across this tree full of shoes in Nevada
In the middle of nowhere!

Mount Shasta, California

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